Vcarve inlay cutting board

I am from Sweden ,
and i am using Vcarvepro 9.
I am making some Endgrain cutting board with vcarve inlay,
my problem is that my XCarve cant going that Deep in the Wood that is suggested ,inventables recomend pass depht not over half the diameter.
Example .
pocket is no problem , i can set for example 2 mm each pass
the male insert is moore difficult,
if i will go down too 5 mm
i have too set the starth depht too 4.5 mm and the finish depht too 0.5 mm,
The bit has too going down 5 mm in the Wood on one single pass and that is too much for my XCarve.

(i use clearence tool 6.35 mm Before i switch the bit to a 60 degree vcarve bit.)

how are other XCarve user fix that.

You could try a 4mm initial depth pass and set it to 10% stepover (Its is a roughing pass afterall)
Then do one full depth pass at either 5% (default) or 10% stepover.

Increasing the stepover will decrease tptal length of tool path, and you dont need super surface finish due to the inlay afterwards.

Any improvement in rigidity you can do will have great impact on carves like this. End-grain is tough :slight_smile:

Are you confusing depth per pass with depth of cut?
Depth can exceed 1/2 diameter if bit but in multiple passes.

When doing a V-carve inlay, the male inlay piece needs to have a start depth (first cut depth) equal to the depth you actually want to be inlaid. After that, you can take as many passes as you want to get to your final depth. As far as I know, there is no way around that in any software I’ve used to do this (Easel & V-Carve). I have been meaning to test in Fusion 360 as I use it almost daily, but I haven’t put the time into a v-carved inlay there yet.
V-bits are pretty sturdy if your machine can handle the load. Increase your router speed.