Vcarve inlay

I am trying too make some inlay With My Xcarve and vcarve pro,
I am going too use Vbit 60 degree from inventables (30342-02)

I use pocket side ,
Start dept 0 and the flat depht 5 mm (0.2 inch)

The Male side
Starth depht 2.54 mm (0.1 inch ) and the flat depht 2.54 (0.1 inch)
And i use Clarence tool .

I set the maximum down for each pass down 1 mm.
I have a dewalt router .

But i think its too much material for My xcarve too handle on one singel pass

2.54 starth depht and 1 mm down for the first pass ,3.54 in one single pass,

I have tried , but it seems too much for it too handle.

Am i totalt wrong on theese , or what can i tryed too do , and
Whats bee wrong if i Skipped the start depht, and just use more flat depht ?

I read the vcarve inlay pdf tutorial, and thats even moore starth depht then i use

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I know someone will say it, but if the v bit is from inventables it’s not a true v bit. It has a very tiny flat tip. That needs to be taken into account. Here’s a pic of a true v bit

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I purchased a whiteside 1540 bit , it has not arrived yhet .

But i still thinking off the start depht , is it not a problem for
Other users too go in too the material so deep on the first cut ?
It is working for mee , but the machine and the router bit has too work a lot
too make it good .

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Yeah that’s the bit I use. If you go on youtube they have a tutorial. Overall your technique wasn’t bad.