VCarve: Is it worth it?

Is it worth the money investment? I’d like to hear from those of you who are selling their work. Did you find that it helped, or do you feel you could have done without it?

I don’t sell my work, but VCarve is well worth the investment even for a hobby. There is plenty of discussion on this forum about VCarve, so do a search for previous threads.

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I purchased Vcarve desktop and it has been the best upgrade I have made.

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I think it’s worth every dime. I have Desktop, and haven’t regretted the purchase for a minute. I both sell my work, and do it for fun, and in both cases it’s proved its worth many times over.

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God yes. Especially when 3D carving, V-Carving or carving aluminum. It has the features needed. Plus, the “nesting” feature REALLY saves money. Get every square inch out of your materials (Pro only I think).

I would pay a couple hundred bucks for those tutorial videos alone (they are free for all).

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That was my other question. I wasn’t sure if I needed to get Pro or if desktop would work be enough.

If you have any doubts about Vcarve then just buy the desktop version, if you ever need the pro version you can upgrade to it for just the price difference. Vectric has the best possible upgrade policy.


Concur, may as well start with less, and upgrade for effectively no greater cost!

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I purchased a bundle deal of vcarve pro and photocarve. Shortly after I considered just making the final leap to buying Aspire but found out that the upgrade only applies to the vcarve pro. The photocarve value was not a factor in the upgrade cost (I believe ~$1400). I was not excited to hear that and became a showstopper for the upgrade for me. I wanted to share that in case you were considering something similar. With that said, I truly enjoy using vcarve pro. It is easy to use and I have had some successful projects come out of it. Of note- I have not attempted to sell any of my projects…I enjoy practicing and providing gifts to friends and family at this point.

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I would also suggest watching the tutorial videos to see if it is really something you think you would like. I cannot compare it to anything because it is the only tool I have used FWIW. There are all kinds of features in there and you can achieve competency quickly… but always learn new tricks. I still go back to the videos from time to time to pick up their shortcuts.

Worth it?