VCarve Pro and Easel

I assume this is going to be a total newbie question. I purchase Vcarve Pro. I just started using it. What is better to do. Import the file from VCarve Pro and use USG to send it or to Import it in Easel? What is the pros and cons on this?

Thanks in advance!

I started using V-Carve before Easel allowed gcode import so I used UGS to send gcode. UGS has works very reliably for me (with one exception of trying to send a million line gocde file for a lithophane).

The biggest reason I keep using UGS is that it is easy to use the Z touch probe with UGS, with Easel you will need to manually copy and paste the necessary gcode each time to use the probe.

I also like the way the jog features are setup in UGS.

All that said, I have used Easel to send the V-Carve gcode many times and it has worked perfectly. The pre-carve checklist in Easel is always nice to have.

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In general, unless you are using a touch probe there is very little reason not to use Easel. This is especially true if you are just starting out as it simplifies the tool chain a bit (assuming you’ve already played with Easel some).

I too have been using VCarve and UGS before Easel supported gCode import.
Personally I have gotten used to UGS for aligning and zeroing my bits that I have no interest in changing now that it can.

My advice try both, see which one works best for you.