Vcarve Pro Post Processor

I have the Xcarve 1000mm and bought Vcarve Pro with the package. When I design something in Vcarve , what toolpath do I save it as? I want to send it to Universal Gcode sender to carve the job. Something is wrong at this point as the spindle goes crazy digging the bit into the wood.

any help on step by step process would be appreciated.


First I would make sure that your Z height is set correctly in your tool path creation menu. The other thing to check would be the metric or imperial dimensions (G20/G21) commands in the beginning of the toolpath. I use Jviewer to view/modify the code. In regards to the toolpaths, I save all of mine as .nc files and have had no issues.

Hope this helps!

Hi @DavidYerkes,
The post processor for vcarve is available from .
I use Aspire and save the toolpath using this processor and then run it with Universal GCode Sender after zeroing everything first. I had similar problems to you and found I needed to have everything set as either metric or imperial and not a mix match of the two.


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Hah, I was just going to start a new topic to post my V-Carve/Aspire post-processing tips, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

If you want the X-Carve post-process files to be the only ones to show up in your options, from V-Carve/Aspire, go to “File”->“Open Application Data Folder”, and then drop the .pp files directly into the “My_PostP” folder. And if you know you’re only going to be generating files in mm or inches, then you only need to drop one of the files in there.

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I dont know if this really applies or not but in UGS I have noticed that it will default to operating in metric standard when hitting soft reset as well as other functions yet it will indicate as being in inch standard on the screen. I find that toggling it to metric and back to inches puts it where I want it.

I have not checked to see if perhaps it toggles itself the other way? mm to inch?

I had mine go hog wild after a tool change once and start heading for china by way of the wasteboard as well.
Havent had it happen again as yet, and as such havent figured it out

BTW I run vcarve pro / UGS

And what @peterjames ays about installing the post processor is spot on (thanks Peter!)