Vcarve Project Database?

Is there an good equivalent to inventables project page for projects using V-carve?

I am just curious. I like easel, but I have grown accustomed to Vcarve and thought there would be some interesting stuff out there beside their free projects. Props to Inventables for creating such a space for easel.


Login to the Vectric forum and you will find some shared files. They are quite scattered but it can be worth it.

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Not everything on Thingiverse is an STL model for 3D printing. There are a number CNC projects and a number of laser projects. On thingiverse you can use their tagging fields to help you find what you want.

Vectirc bought They used to have a few free project downloads. Their for pay projects are still affordable. There are also some plans that can be purchased affordably through ETSY or other sites like which were created in Aspire.

What are you looking for? G-code ready on your machine? Designs ready to be passed through Vectric V-Carve?

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Some are here:

The Shaper3d folks have a startup which is doing a system which supports SketchUp and Vectric which is in beta.

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