Vcarve question. 3D on corner moldings

I am attempting to create some corner molding for a large cabinet. Each of the corner molding will be a 1/4 of a 4” round. On each of these 1/4’s I would like to inlay a 3D rosette. I am running Vcarve version 9.5 and have the ability to create a rotary with the rosette, but don’t have a rotary CNC. Is it possible to carve these on a standard CNC?

Can you share a file or a pic?

Don’t try to run rotary gcode on a standard, 3 axis CNC.

I have attached an image of the .stl and an image of the corner round. My hope is to wrap the .stl onto the corner. I suppose I could treat the corner as a flat surface and lower the stl to carve a flat in the corner. I worry about the structural strength of the corner.