VCarve Single Objects

Good Morning,
I am making a custom sign board for a friend. I want to VCarve just a specific object in the board, but not everything. Basically the material is 9x18 i have a rectangular shape at 8x17 zeroed .5 off the zero point. The Rectangle is at .25 depth. i have a bunch of text and two roosters. I want to Vcarve the roosters ONLY. All text is at .06 depth and roosters are at .125, all to give an embossing effect. I just cant figure out how to do this logically.

Use separate workpieces in your project.

Thats what i am doing, However everything being embossed, every time i use seperate work pieces it wants to vcarve the box i put them in.

This is what im talking about.

I wish there was an option for a selective 3rd Bit. Like choose a V bit and then choose the objects you want vcarved…simple

Try this one, when cutting out the background you dont have to go that deep to get a nice effect. The roosters look better when sticking out instead of engraved. The way you have it set up would take over 20 hours. Use a 90 degree bit for your detail.
Just my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:
The sign looks good
Good Luck