VCarve text height

I’m trying out the demo version of VCarve Desktop. Very Cool!!

As a test, I’m trying to recreate a project I did in Easel. It’s a tray in 0.75 inch wood with a 0.6 deep pocket. Inside the pocket is a raised text and logo that is .2 above the pocket bottom.

When I try to set the toolpaths in VCarve, either the text is the same height as the pocket depth or I wipe the text off bottom of the pocket. I only want the text raised about .2 above the pocket bottom.

One way is like this…

pockets.crv (1.4 MB)

First cut your pocket to a depth of .4 (without text selected), then create a second pocket toolpath with a depth of .2 and select the rectangle and the text.

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Not sure if the demo will open the crv file I sent…just do like you did above and add a square over the text that you want shorter and do a second pocket.

Thanks guys… :grinning:

Both methods work great! I’ve gotta think toolpaths while I’m designing. Fun stuff.

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