Vcarve version 9.5

Just saw that Vectric has released the 9.5 upgrade (Free for version 9 users)

Lots of new features, including new image editor, rotary axis support, helical ramping and more

The highlights of this release are:

Rotary Axis Job Support - Create rotary projects and visualize your job in a wrapped environment, with the ability to create and simulate the toolpaths in an auto-wrapped simulation.

Picture Editor - Change the contrast, brightness and gamma of your imported bitmaps. Make them black and white, apply borders and crop them to fit your design.

In-place text editing and transformations - See live feedback of the text that you create and edit. Text maintains formatting, allowing you to easily make edits after the text has been created without losing transforms, spacing or kerning.

3D Helical Arcs in Ramping – Makes for smoother cuts and smaller file sizes for machines that support this option.

Online Clipart Access - See the clipart you are entitled to and download the pieces you want, when you want them, directly from within your software.


I just installed the 9.5 upgrade and the ability to do the rotary axis job will be nice, I plan to try it out in the next few days to see how it goes.

I’ll check out the other additions as well, but the rotary axis piece looks promising.

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I installed 9.5 yesterday. The only new feature I have used is the image editor. It really makes converting an image to vectors much quicker.

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Anybody figure out what needs to be done get the helical toolpath going? It looks like it requires another postprocessor and I’m not sure if one exists for the Xcarve yet.

Seems like it does it on a circular pocket without the need for modifying the post. It doesn’t actually add arc (G2 & G3) to the resultant gcode, though.

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I was wondering the same thing, Does this mean that if I want a half inch deep circular pocket and make my depth of cut .5 inch it will perform a helical cut down to the depth of cut?

Just now seeing this! I just upgraded and the visual text editor that maintains your edits is AMAZING. I wonder why they didn’t send some kind of notification about an upgrade. Did you get an email or something back in September?

Not sure how you missed it, they sent me a notification

I miss a lot of things. (currently searching for my keys).

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They are probably next to my glasses and that shop pencil I had in my hands 3 seconds ago.

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