Vectric Aspire file printing/import

Thank you - so much to learn! :joy:

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The scourge of productivity…

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I have this crv3d file which I was working on the design for around 6months, it still has no tool pathing and still has a lot of work to be done on it. Unfortunately my then computer was stolen and when I tried to open the file on my new computer it would not open. For the last couple of months I’ve been begging vectric to help me with this issue with no help, ergo if I pay them $6000 they then can help me.

Please someone can you please help me with opening my file.

No one else can open that file because it was done in the trial version. Thus if you installed the software on new computer it would be the same as if I am trying to open the file for you. The only one that can help is Vectric.