Vectric Cut 3D trial post processor

Does anyone know if it is possible to copy and paste the GRBL post processor in the trial version of Vectric cut 3D? I found a thread that mentions copying and pasting the post processor into the Post processes folder… But I can’t find an option to do this in the trial version and I’d like to test the software before purchasing. Additionally, is there another post processor that may work?

Try “G code inch” or “G code MM” (.tap) works with ugcs I am not sure it works with EASEL

Yes you can. I did it and imported the code into Easel with no problem. I didn’t run it yet but Easel excepted it just fine.

Thanks guys! I tried with UGS and the “visualize” tab showed the correct paths but the bit barely moved… I went ahead and imported into Easel and it worked well (other than the fact that I had set the feed speeds in Cut 3D to 100 in per minute and the plunge rate to 30 inch a minute rather than mm per minute. That said, it still cut the sample piece in hickory with no problems.