Vectric Project givaway

12 Days of Christmas… Advent Calendar style

Starts on Dec 1

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Is this implying that vecrtic will be having some sales?

Ah OK, I was a little confused. I am hoping to buy desktop within the next month but didn’t want to buy it if there was a sale about to happen.

Don’t they do this every year?

If you’re going to buy Vcarve, watch the page for what they release and get it if you can so you have it “saved” up.

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The first two are CRV files, not STLs… hope the rest are more than simple trinket ideas

its bird shaped… don’t know that I would be able to identify it as a robin and given that it’s a tree ornament I can easily see it being confused with a dove or something like that…

today (day 8) is a couple of v3m files… simple snowman and Christmas tree…

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If anyone manages to download the day 12 project from Vectric’s 12 days of Christmas page. please pass it along… for some reason I get no reaction from the link… Cross posting this on the Vectric forum…

SOLVED… looks like I wasn’t the only one… if you cannot get it to download with chrome. go into settings and clear a few days worth of browsing history…