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Version of post processor for Fusion 360

I have been using the post processor with my Carvey downloaded with links from the easel software file/import post processor/fusion 360… easel.cps. No problems with this version.

However I notice that Autodesk also have a version. … search for Carvey.

Anyone used the Autodesk version? Any notable differences?

Tried it, Easle does not want to run the Gcode from it and find errors.

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I cant get Fusion 360 to even post to easel.cps

Why? Can you give more details?

You dont need Fusion360 to open easel.cps.
You need to upload the cps-file to your 360 cloud (IIRC) so it can be selected as the desired post processor for when you want to generate g-code.

Think of it as “expanding” the Fusion360 CAM-toolbox :slight_smile:

I found what I needed to do in a video…I didn’t have easel in the correct place, installation instructions were not good…I had to go in my fusion web account and put it in a specific folder there not on my computer…Thanks for replying so quickly though

Thank you…That is the answer I needed, now I understand it and how it works

You can do either, or both. You just need Fusion to look in the correct place.