Vertical Mounting

I’ve been looking at the X Carve, but want something bigger then a 12" by 12" cut area, so am considering the 1000mm kit. My problem is that the 1000mm X Carve is going to take up almost a 4’ by 4" area of floor, and it’s going to be a tight fit in my work space. I was wondering if anyone had tried to vertically mount their machines, or at least tried mounting them on a slant? That way the floor space could be reduced to less then 1’ or, even 2’ of slanted.

The gantry will probably free wheel down if power is ever removed. That is likely to happen enough to be problem with damage. Fast free wheeling can damage drivers as the motors become generators when they free wheel.

I suggest trying a “Murphy Bed” style machine. You fold it up after the work is done.

Hi @JeffSyrja,

As @BartDring says, the freewheeling would be an issue that you would have to work around. A “Murphy Bed” style setup might help in storage of the X-Carve, but you would still need to address the issue of locking down the machine before storing it away.

I was thinking the same thing, but to come up with a way to address the issue if you use a fold up solution or keep it in a semi vertical position permanently. You would definitely need to have the X-Carve go to some sort of home/holding position at the low-to-the-ground part of it’s travel and possibly have a cradle with foam rubber padding to protect the z-axis carriage and keep it form moving when the power is off. This setup would then give you the ability to use the “Murphy Bed” style storage, or mount it semi vertical. This “cradle” that I am thinking of could be an “L” shaped rest in the lower left or right corner depending on where you would put your home position.

Though, this solution still doesn’t address the issue of power cuts to the X-carve in the middle of a job.

I was thinking of using one of these to raise my X-Carve up and out of the way when not in use.–4-Foot-Cable-Lifted/dp/B0009I8AO6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1432226246&sr=8-3&keywords=garage+storage It would go right above my assembly table on the out feed of my table saw. When I need it I just lower it down onto my assembly table, plug in my PC and I’m ready to go. When done I raise it up secure it and boom!!

Ive got two of those in my garage for storage and hadn’t really thought about using it for this but now that you pointed out it I think I might just steal your idea. Those things work great as long as you install correctly(into studs not drywall). I have a treadmill that I never use on one. Secondary retention is a must on those.

I really like this idea. I bit the bullet though and just built an enclosure though. Maybe I’ll have to get a second machine…