Very New to X-Carve. Need some help to make simple 2.5D pieces

Hello everyone.

Im very new to this. I’d like a little bit of advice, or perhaps, a best practice about carving out a 3d shape. Its roughly a cylinder 7" in diameter, 1/2" thick. This cylinder sits upon a triangular plate, that is 1/4" thick. I’m attaching what I’d be expecting to achieve.

Thanks for all the help in advance.


Speaker Adapter

Speaker Adapter 2

if the hollow part “inside lip” isn’t needed then it’s a single sided cut, if it is, then it will be a double sided cut.

I’d make a profile cut on the inside of the circle first, all the way through. The outside of the cylinder would be a pocketing down to the outside ring. next, profile cuts for the holes. finally, profile cuts with tabs .

if it’s a double sided cut needed, I would start with the bottom side (according to the picture) and have the lip cut first. flip it over, then have everything else done from step two above.

Thanks guys. One of the reasons I chose this machine is because of the online community. I’m waiting on a replacement stepper motor to arrive, it got damaged during overseas shipping. Once up and running, I need to spend some time practicing (read ruining) some pieces to learn the ins and outs. The youtube videos you guys post are all really helpful.


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Thanks so very much PhilJohnson. Where can I go to learn more about using , what I assume is Easel, to create this?


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Thank you very much. Will sit and digest them. I really want to get started. Cant wait to get up and running.

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I’m not Phil but this should still help. =)

Thanks Jason.

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