Veteran founder of a cancer non profit looking

I am a United States Marine Corps veteran and the founder and President of the Josh Rogers Memorial Foundation. Josh Rogers was my little brother. We lost him on January 23, 2019, after a 3 year battle with Glioblastoma Multiform (brain cancer). He was only 37 years old. I was lost without my brother. Woodworking has always been my hobby and I began to bury myself in my garage doing projects for myself and others. I also started a non-profit with my family in his memory. One of the missions of the Josh Rogers Memorial Foundation is to help families dealing with this horrible disease financially, as we know what a financial toll cancer treatments can take on a family. I have decided to help raise money for our foundation I am going to sell my projects and donate the profits to the foundation. I would love to add CNC to my projects to widen the scope of projects I can do and sell. I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to donate a machine to our foundation so I can continue to raise more money and support those families in need. I am not accustomed to asking for help but am learning it is necessary sometimes. I appreciate anyone who has read my posting. I do have our 501©(3) letter from the IRS to show my foundation is legit. Your donation would be tax deductible for you. Thank you everyone. Semper Fidelis.

Hey Jeff. Sorry for your loss. Do you guys have a website or anything? Googling your foundation returned ZERO results. Thanks.

I can send our 501c3 letter from the IRS. We have a Facebook page and are working on our website. Starting a non profit and getting all the approvals and certificates was expensive and took awhile. You can see my family and brother here. and thank you.

501c3 IRS letter.pdf (34.0 KB)

Here is our IRS 501c3 form.

And here is a link to the IRS search page showing our organization.

Hey Jeff, very sorry for your loss. I’m also a Marine Corps Vet, 00-08, and have been through the cancer battle with my wife 3 years ago. Here’s a small issue I see with this. These are entry level machines for the hobbyist, part time guy. If someone was serious about CNC work, they wouldn’t be on this platform, or any other similar machine. You’re essentially asking hobbyists, who probably cant afford a larger machine, to donate one. I’m trying not to assume anyone’s financial stability in life, but this is a forum for a $1800 CNC machine (at most). When my wife was going through her treatment, I organized a GoFundMe and a one day soccer tournament, using social media only, and raised $30k in less than 60 days. I’m about to purchase a 4 x 8 machine withing the next month, and mine will be for sale. I wouldn’t be comfortable shipping it, but if your local to NJ, you have first dibs. I do this full time, hence why I need a bigger machine. Check out


Mike Legregni

Thank you Devil Dog. I served from 93-98. Unfortunately I am down in Houston. I respect your opinion on this. I am also a hobbyist. I have a full time job. This would be something I did in the evenings and sold on weekends at craft shows or online. I wasn’t asking someone to just by our foundation a machine. Just wanted to give people the opportunity for a tax deduction if they wanted to support us. Any donation amount would have been appreciated. I am not someone who has ever asked for money from people but I am learning that running a foundation to carry on the charitable work of my brother requires asking for donations. Thank you for your service brother and thank you for taking the time to write me.


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