Vetric 60 Degree V-Carve Toolpath Question

Can someone take a look at the V-Carve toolpath set-up that I have for a 60 degree bit? I am not sure if it’s correct.

I am using this 60 degree bit from Inventables…

I will be carving into pine.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Much - Morgan

Thanks Phil.

My bit does not have a flat tip but you found the error right away… I had the diameter set at .25" instead of .5"

Thanks Again!

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If you got the pictured bit from Inventables, then it is definitely 0.5 in diameter, not 0.25…
I just got the 60 degree/90 degree set myself and measured it to verify that it matched the information in the Vectrics tool database.

yeah… That was my problem. For some reason it just did not compute in my brain that I had a .5" diameter 60 degree bit. lol

Thanks to both Roberts and Phil for your help with this. A stupid oversight on my part for sure.

I do a ton of carving but I have not had the time to play with V-Carving or 3-D carving. I just loaded a copy of Aspire 8.5 (bought a copy from a guy for $100) so I am looking forward to trying that out too.

Thanks Again All.