VFD connection to X-Controller

I use a Huanyang HY01D523B VFD with my X-Carve and I currently switch the motor on and off manually and set the spindle speed directly from the VFD too.
What would be nice would be to connect the VFD to the X-Controller and control the speed with grbl.
I’m no electrician but can follow a wiring diagram.
The X-Controller has these connections:
and the VFD has these:

I use Fusion360 to generate gcode and UGS to send the gcode to the X-Carve.
Is speed control and spindle on/off possible ?

I don’t use grbl but see if this points you in the right direction;

Thanks but I’m more confused about how to wire up the X-Controller to the VFD without the risk of it going BANG.

Since it involves the X-Controller, I would contact Inventables tech support.