VFD setup for X-Controller and Easel

Ok… I know there have been a number of posts about this but there are so many variables it’s difficult to keep track and figure out what I actually need to do.

I have a 2.2 kw, water cooled, 220v spindle with Huanyang VFD.

I have all the VFD settings correct (hopefully) and I can control the spindle from the VFD just fine.

When I try to connect it to the X-Controller this is where I am having trouble now. Here is what I have so far.

On the VFD:
PD01- 1
PD02- 1

ACM - to GND

Jumper on VFD set to VI (left side)


$30 - 24000
$31 - 7200

My hope is to have Easel turn on and control the RPM of the spindle… any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok… in case anyone comes across this I got it figured out finally. The component I was missing was a 5v relay.

I got this one on Amazon:
DAOKI 5v Relay Module for Arduino

To control RPM with Easel:

VFD Setting - PD02 = 1

ACM - to GND (X-Controller)
VI to 0-10v (X-Controller)

To power on and off with Easel:
Wire the relay between the X-Controller and VFD

VFD Setting - PD01 = 1

X-Controller to 5V Relay:
X-Controller M8 (Flood) to Relay VCC
X-Controller GND to Relay GND
X-Controller GND to Relay IN (or jumper from GND to IN)

5V Relay to VFD:
Relay COM > VFD terminal DCM
Relay NO ( Normally Open ) > VFD Terminal FOR

In Easel, go to the advanced machine settings and enable the “Accessories” checkbox. (this will send the M7 & M8 commands)

Now if I can get my EMI problem solved, I could actually use it.


Hello Chris,

Were you able to figure out the EMI problem? I’m currently installing the same system on my XCarve but waiting on a few parts to arrive.

Not exactly. There is a discussion at EMI noise, grounding, connection problems with new VFD 2.2kw spindle
that has more information. The only way I got it working was to put a non-conductive plate to mount the spindle. I have some sort of grounding loop, but I have tried every combo to fix it and had no luck.

Got it. Thank you for responding and sharing!

Would you mind sharing some pictures of how you have it set up? I’ll share some of mine of mine once I complete it. I had to look online to make sure I was wiring everything correctly. The book was not very helpful.

Got it working. Going to add some coolant then wire the relay to have it work with the controller.

It’s so weird, I have the exact same setup, rails and all, and I could not get it running without replacing the z-axis mount with a non-conductive material. Every way it wired it, the second the spindle started, it would lose connection with the computer. I assume it’s some sort of grounding loop, but I literally tried every combination of wiring and nothing worked.