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VFD setup for X-Controller and Easel

Ok… I know there have been a number of posts about this but there are so many variables it’s difficult to keep track and figure out what I actually need to do.

I have a 2.2 kw, water cooled, 220v spindle with Huanyang VFD.

I have all the VFD settings correct (hopefully) and I can control the spindle from the VFD just fine.

When I try to connect it to the X-Controller this is where I am having trouble now. Here is what I have so far.

On the VFD:
PD01- 1
PD02- 1

ACM - to GND

Jumper on VFD set to VI (left side)


$30 - 24000
$31 - 7200

My hope is to have Easel turn on and control the RPM of the spindle… any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok… in case anyone comes across this I got it figured out finally. The component I was missing was a 5v relay.

I got this one on Amazon:
DAOKI 5v Relay Module for Arduino

To control RPM with Easel:

VFD Setting - PD02 = 1

ACM - to GND (X-Controller)
VI to 0-10v (X-Controller)

To power on and off with Easel:
Wire the relay between the X-Controller and VFD

VFD Setting - PD01 = 1

X-Controller to 5V Relay:
X-Controller M8 (Flood) to Relay VCC
X-Controller GND to Relay GND
X-Controller GND to Relay IN (or jumper from GND to IN)

5V Relay to VFD:
Relay COM > VFD terminal DCM
Relay NO ( Normally Open ) > VFD Terminal FOR

In Easel, go to the advanced machine settings and enable the “Accessories” checkbox. (this will send the M7 & M8 commands)

Now if I can get my EMI problem solved, I could actually use it.