Vibration issues and loud noises!

I’m not entirely sure what’s causing the vibration issues, but it’s LOUD. Like unbearably loud. I can be in my wood shop with the dust collector on and still hear my X-carve in the other room cutting. It’s a higher pitched grinding noise. any suggestions on where to tighten up a nut or bolt or v-wheel would be greatly appreciated, I’ve tightened everything I can think to tighten.

What spindle are you using and has always been this loud or did it just start getting louder recently?

just recently, I’m using the basic one that comes with the 1000mm kit. The name/number is escaping me right now.

if you turn the spindle on without trying to cut anything is still making the same loud sounds? Or is it only making the loud sounds when it is cutting wood?

If it is loud without cutting then you may have a bad bearing in the spindle. Unfortunately that means you will need a new spindle.

Mine died exactly that way, Will. I ended up just moving to the DeWalt, which is an improvement I can not recommend highly enough. Made it an ENTIRELY new machine, the increase in capability is absolutely absurd.

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