Video test

Just a video test.

It says, this video private on black screen.

This one work?

Yes it does!!!

Try a downcut endmill…much cleaner cuts…but looks awesome.

I usually only use down cut bits, but the mdf was getting clogging in the groves so tried a up cut one. First time I ever used one…yuck!

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MDF usually cuts very nice. It’s not your bit. MDF have something wrong, looks like wet carton. I always use downcut .125 and .5 spiral for MDF. Have no problem. Maybe straight flute bit cuts better.

2nd video post I set to unlisted in you tube and that one worked? 1st one was set as private. Go figure.

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In same time, I didn’t like your Dust Shoe. It looks better than mine, works better than mine. Grrrr. :rage:

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Yeah you might be right about the water content. Come to think about it, cut didn’t make dust but rather clumps. Must have had to much moisture content…oh well.

That is the biggest problem with Particle and MDF on humid climates. I saw many complaints about Cabinet makers who forced to use expensive wood to produce Kitchen and other cabinets.

Yes, I hear you. I make a lot of custom furniture, and the only place I might ever use mdf, is in the bottom of a drawer. Is 84% humidity humid?


Where do you live?

Kona, Hawaii. Been unusually hot and humid lately. Not normal.

I like living in the land of 10000 lakes, 10 million flakes and -40 deg F in the winter though!