Virus Protection Software

I have been using Apple computers for the last 10 years and have been extremely satisfied with them (this question does not relate to Mac computers). Because of this I have not had to worry much about VirusWare. However, I refuse to partition and put parallels on it, so last year I had to purchase a Windows machine, windows 10 I believe. My virus protection is about to expire and of course McAfee has been hounding me to renew for some time now.

Can some of you recommend a Virus Protection Software that you use instead?

I don’t use virus protection, I have a different strategy for handling that problem with my Windows machines as I really don’t like the reduction in performance that virus software imposes.

The process is backup related. If I have a machine that goes bad I can restore it in about 10 minutes.

Windows defender should be fine, especially with Windows 10. Latest update beefed it up.

Your Mac has probably spoiled you. As with anything there is good and bad anti-virus. First off, get rid of McAfree, it’s almost a virus in its own right. Same with Windows defender and Norton. Stay away from anything free (unless it’s an emergency). Anti-virus has to run in the background. You’ll want to use a program that uses the least amount of processor resources. The best one on the market is Eset. It has won many awards and offers the best features year after year.