Wait, so the 500mm version doesn't actually have 500mm of cutting space?


I’ve been looking for a CNC to do aluminum, and was torn between the X-Carve and the Shapeoko (like many, I’m sure) but I like the X-Carve being a more complete package. Also, the 500mm size is perfect because that’s 1" longer than anything I’d need to make, vs me having to go kittycorner on the Shapeoko. However, this article says the 500mm rail version actually only has 12" or so of actual cuttable space. Is this true?


Yes, that is true. The 500mm is the rail length. Since the moving parts that make up the backbone of the machine have width, they will interfere with the end plates. The tool physically cannot travel to the full 500mm. 500mm is machine size, not working area. You could easily buy the 750mm and go a little bigger than needed or you could buy the 750mm and cut it to exactly the length you need.

Yup, I’ve got one sitting next to me right now. The actual cutting grid (the area marked on the board) is 10". My previous home-built machine had a cutting area of 10"x4", so I’m in better shape regardless (I’m cutting small pieces, so it’s not an issue).


It clearly lists the work areas under Technical Specs.

For a 500 mm area, you’d need the 750mm machine.

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You’re right, I guess I missed it in my examination.


I had this same confusion coming into it. Figured it out pretty quick, like you, and never felt like Inventibles was trying to pull a fast one as it’s pretty clear in the specs.

fwiw, a 500mm shapeoko won’t have a 500mm working area either because of the same reasons.
So this should not influence your choice either way.

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