Walk of shame

It’s been a while since my last project. Finally this came along:


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Funny read :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing! where are the carved :banana: under the star?!?

Lol. Cool project. I agree with the others. You missed a great window of opportunity to conceal vengeful messages.

Your story reminded me of my Air Force career. There were some good commanders and some “less than good”, but when they left the unit, we always had a going-away party. Sometimes we invited the person leaving, sometimes we didn’t.

good thing your boss is quiting. I was literally fired one time for “posting company computer code” on my blog.

haha yeah well the real story is a bit more complex, as these things usually are. :grinning:

I never liked him before, but I made the plaque anyway. Then the day after I learned something that really shows what a douche he actually is, so I kind of regret making it now, even though I enjoyed the process itself.

I have to say, I find it amusing to see how everyone seems to relate to the story.

The finger pocket is there because there’s a sticker on the backside, which everyone will sign (I probably won’t though). The star is not glued in place, hence the shallow star-pocket.

I actually thought about hiding a middle finger drawing or so, but my friends/colleagues gave me crap about being the bigger man yada yada yada. But now I’m starting to reconsider :sweat_smile:

edit: I blurred out the name just to be sure not to get in trouble :slight_smile: