Wall mount monitor

A question for the external monitor users.
I want to mount a monitor on the wall behind my X carve because I find it difficult to see my laptop when using pPicsender.
What size screen would you recommend?

… as big as you can afford to put into the project. You wont ever complain that you can see too much… but yeah what Robert said for sizes minimum. You can usually find cheap televisions that would work too.


I went with a 50’’ 4k. cost me about $500
But its 2 feet from my face and i cant even see pixels.

Dang, that’s nice.

especially when designing on sli 1080s
fusion 360 flies!!!

NICE!!! When overkill is not an option

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Or main TV at home was a 10 year old 40" Samsung but the tuner was going south, plus there was a vertical line of pixels out near one edge. BUT it had both HDMI and VGA inputs which worked fine (pixels still out obviously). So it was re-purposed for my computer monitor mounted on the wall behind the X-Carve. So basically it was big AND free. Couldn’t be happier!