Wall sign for my sister

My sister gave me the design idea so I searched google and found the Mountain picture and imported it into Vcarve Pro then created the text she wanted. Cut in .25" MDF the Mountain was a pocket cut with an 1/8" end mill and the text was V carved with a 90 deg Amana Tool Solid Carbide insert knife with the MDF blade. The project was 24" X 24", It cut like butter.


That is very nice! Nice crisp v-carving.

Thanks Erik, I like the Amana Insert Knife bit.

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That is the same bit I have, haven’t used it yet :slight_smile:

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Yes Phil, with the HMA-12 MDF Blade. Material was .25" MDF

That"s it Erik but like I told Phil, I bought the HMA-12 MDF blades also.

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