Walnut and Maple Cutting Boards

Hello All-

I am trying to gauge the interest within the Inventables community for pre-made BLANK cutting boards.

At our studio, we don’t cut wood, so we have had another X-carve family (The Jarvis’ @RouterMyMind) cutting our sample boards and they have had really good results so far. Ours are made of solid wood, be it Maple, Walnut or Bamboo. They are finished pretty nicely and come individually boxed.

So all of that being said, in order to get some more feedback and see if there is any real demand, if anyone here would like to try one of our boards I would be willing to send you a 6x9 Walnut or Maple Board for $10 plus actual shipping. Or, a 9x12 board for $15 plus actual shipping. (The photos also show a paddle we sell, but that is a story for another day.)

Once you cut yours, if you would be kind enough to send us your thoughts we would be most appreciative.

You can message me here or you can send it to me email which is guy@glassthatworks.com



These boards are really nice. Not cheap ones you find at the store. They come in a white box which the realtor loved so that she could gift them as is. They carve nicely and we are hoping to do more with them!!!

I might be if there is any discount for quantiy orders. May be interested in the paddle boards also.


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