Wanna earn some $$$? Assembly help needed!

Anybody out there willing to install the X-Carve Upgrade Kit on my 1000mm X-Carve for me? I ordered the kit 6 months or so ago, and just do not have the time/skills to install it. I am willing to pay well. Work must be done in my office in Cerritos, CA. Saturdays ok.



I am local to you (Lakewood) and willing to help out.
But I won’t be available till after July 31st.

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I could help as well if you need it faster.
I am California based.
I go by that area all the time on the weekends.
If you can wait then Aaron can help ya. but if you need it sooner than I can come over to assist.

FYI I do plan on going out that way Tomorrow. I will pack my tools.
shoot me a message if you want to get it up and running then.

I am leaving now to go see my horse.
I will be passing by your area tomorrow on my way back. I will pack some basic tools just in case.
You can PM me a contact info or just let me know if you want to wait.

Hey, thanks a million for the interest. I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, back 8/5. I’ll pick this back up on my return.

Thanks again,


No issues here. If Aaron can do it then he can go as he was the first to respond.
If not let me know. I just happen to pass by that area from time to time when I head out to go see my horse.

Hey Aaron, I’m back in town and ready to get this done. Let me know when you are available. Also, let’s transition this convo to email. mark@summittforestproducts.com.


Mark Summitt

Hey – I still need to get this work done, if you are still available. I am here most week-days until about 6pm, and most Saturdays until noon.