Want to build 48x96 cnc questions

I’m thinking about building a big cnc. First question that comes to mind is, can the x controller handle nema 23 stepper motors? I’m thinking about Dave Galton plans for CNC. I only know the carve and finally feel quite comfortable with it. Looking for the experts out here to get me going in the right direction. Basically, this would be a big carve. Am I crazy or is this possible?

This is what is recommended on his site. Based on your comments. The x controller definitely would not work

You wouldn’t need the X-controller with that kit.

If I were you I would be very careful to make sure that you know what you are getting with this kit. My concern is the printed circuit board that comes with the kit. It is not a CNC controller board, but a breakout board that distributes the signals to various parts of the CNC machine.

It is somewhat like a breakout board for Mach 3/4 but the Ad specifically states that it is not for Mach 3. maybe Mach 4?

All of the control software is in your computer.

It is not like using an Arduino with grbl on board or the X-Controller.

Which is not to say it’s bad. Just make sure that you know how you are going to use this system once purchased.

Xcontroller is rated for 4A max current. Those look like 3A steppers.

You should be good but if the inductance is too high the 24V power supply won’t be optimal. That kit has a 36V power supply in it.

I think it’s this:
I agree, do your homework.

Thank you. I read that in the fine print.

I agree. Homework is key. This will be a huge learning experience. I will be studying and questioning in order to hopefully have enough information to make this work befor I purchase. I have no problem building the cnc itself, it’s all the electronics to make the thing work - that’s what I have to learn. I appreciate all the help from all of you guys that know so much more than I do.