Want to compose a table of Materials and Settings for 2.8W J-tech Laser and PicEngrave

Hello Everyone, I was originally going to send the PicEngrave guys a PM for this but thought I would turn it into a post so the information could help others. I have had my laser and PicEngrave software for a few months now and have gotten fairly mixed results and feel like finding concise information on the forums here can be difficult with the wealth of posts in a single thread.

I would like to compile a table showing recommended settings for various woods and speeds, and power ranges using the hardware I, and many other users of this forum have. To help others find the info quickly I will add the updated info to the bottom of this initial post so it is easy to find.

If you have any recommended settings you would like to contribute please include a screenshot of the settings you use along with the material or finished photos so everyone can see the resolution you achieved. Screenshots will help those looking to fill out their inputs correctly and make sharing information easier for you.

Thanks in advance for any tips ya’ll have and hope to hear from you soon.


I use .005 as the pixel resolution on the 3.8 watt for photos.