Want to trade/sell your spot in line?

Hey guys,

I just ordered my Carvey and looks like there is a 10-week lead time. I have an urgent project that I am trying to accomplish and been trying to figure out how to get Carvey sooner. Would anyone be willing to trade your spot in line, if you are not in such a hurry to get the machine? I know this may not be so probable but you never know! I would be willing to compensate you or buys some cool accessories from Inventables :smile:

Thank you!


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Can’t help you with that, but I could run your job for you.

Thanks for the offer JDM! I might just take you up on it. Where are you located? Although there is nothing like a machine right next to you where you can run different iterations until you get it right. That is what appeals to me with this desktop unit.

I’m in Georgia, USA

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I’m a bit up north in NYC. It would be quite a trip down to Georgia although I’ve visited once and it is very beautiful :smile:

I am in upstate NY Eugene,…while I can not give you my place, I expect my carvey the first week of March. I too could make something for you if you have the file etc.