Wanted to share, super proud!

Wanted to share my masterpiece. Customer gave me full creative control over his case and said that he loves elk. I took it and ran, I’m now designing yup a new harder cut but I am enjoying at just looking at this. Okay, enough Gushing on myself.


Yup! you knocked that one out of the park! I like the layered effect… smartly done. Good job! (are those elk prints on the left side bottom part?) fun…

Did you do the rifle and other cut outs as well?

Yup, I do it all, from a picture of the item. I don’t need the gun to make a spot.

10 hour cut time, cut 3 times.
Those are elk prints. Customer needed to add some items after first was cut, but had the prints smaller walking across the foam.


Did you cut everything out on the X-Carve? Is that standard PE foam?

I had somebody ask me if the X-Carve could cut the outline for their AR-15 case and i said no… I may have to eat my words :slight_smile:

Yes, everything on the Xcarve.
It’s not your fault, I invented a foam for this.
Appalachain tough gun case foam.
This is one piece, it’s not layered.

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maybe it’s because i’m not an american, but as far as i can tell,if you’re planning to shoot it, you don’t get to say you love it. :cry:


Very cool!!

What if you love the TASTE of it? Still no?


So regular foam would not work?

sweet man!!! I really like it I would like some more info on the foam that you used I would really like to get my hands on some of that if possible !!

let me know here or at


Appalachian Tough gun case foam.
Here you go: www.carolinacustomfoam.com

Straight plunge any bit over .25 inch
Higher than 15000 rpm
Lower than 30 ipm
Run a first pass and have some sort of vac system.
Conventional cutting and I prefer cutting raster.

Any other info, just ask!


Haven’t found a open cell foam that will except the Appalachain Tough foam

That is very nice! Such clean lines. Are the tracks cut in a single layer of foam and then adhered to the under layer, or are those cut as pockets?

Are these cases available to the general public, or is this just something you do for family and friends?

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It’s all one piece, no glue.
Yes, because if the Xcarve I am able to make a living at this. I invented the foam that I sell on Amazon eBay and my site. It’s called Appalachian Tough gun case foam.
If you want some get it from my site, no fees for me. :wink:


Do you do the entire cut in one go with a standard 1000 x 1000?? My working area is 30" x 30" with a
1k x 1k but a standard rifle is closer to 48". I just have standard egg crate foam in my rifle case and wouldn’t mind doing something like this.

Looks like you are on to something.

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That is amazing, way to go!

Your gun case is awesome! Mine came with that crappy plucking pre-cut stuff. Once again I discovered another must make item for the X-carve. Can’t wait to order some of your foam!

I will give that a try. Thanks Phil…

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