Wanted X-carve 1000mm near Northern Ohio

I’m currently looking to add a X-Carve to my shop near Cleveland Ohio.

I am considering both new and used. If you have decided to sell and are within 4 hours of me (Flint, Niagra, Cinci…), shoot me an email!

Dan Bihary

dan @ bihary dot com

i sent you an email. let me know what you think.


Let me know if he is not interested if you have something.


If he’s not interested, im also looking in the same geographic location

Working on things now. If things don’t work out with Dan then I will reach out to each person individually

If someone still has an xcarve in northern Ohio for sale, please pm me. Willing to buy it today/this weekend.

Kinda impolite to post your wants on my identical thread, don’t you think?