WANTED: X-Carve owner(s) who are interested in taking orders for $$$

I was contacted by a company in the Kenosha Wisconsin area that is looking for an X-Carve owner(s) to help carve some material for them on an ongoing basis.

The ideal X-Carve owner would be local to the Kenosha, WI area so you could meet in person and pick up and drop off of material would be easy however they are willing to work with someone at a distance so long as they have prompt communication and are reliable.

If you are interested in being connected directly to the potential client please reply to this thread. I’ll do an email intro directly to the company and you can take it from there.

Inventables will not be in the middle of the business. I’m simply making the connection and stepping out of the way. If it works out maybe we could do a case study.


Is this machining aluminum and other metal or do they work with wood projects?

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i would be interested in keeping my machine busier then i have been. put me down and see where it goes.

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Hey @philliplunsford The material the customer wants to carve is cork.

well i have not carved any but it should be pretty soft.

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Yes, it is very soft. It might take some experimentation to get the right bit, feeds, and speeds for the different densities. Once you dialed it in I imagine the carves would be very fast.

I was doing pink foam a few weekends ago at 220 IPM.

i am always experimenting so that is not new. i have some 1/2" thick cork sheets maybe i should experiment with tomorrow.

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Cool. I just connected you via email @WayneHall let me know if you want to be connected @PhillipLunsford

thanks Zach we will see where it goes.

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Yes I would like to be connected. Thank you

I would like to be connected as well. Thanks

Ok I’m gonna intro @davecox and cap it at 3 for now.

Let’s see how these 3 go. Hopefully I’ll find another opportunity to post in case more people are interested.

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Yes Zach I want to be connected as well. Thanks a lot

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Yep just did.

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Thanks. Will see how it goes. I’m excited to try something new

good job Phil.