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Warning - If you do not order a wasteboard

If you do not order a wasteboard you will be short some hardware. This includes M5 inserts and screws. Maybe Inventables should offer a hardware pack for those of us who opted to make our own wasteboard. Trying to find these bits where I live in Canada has proven challenging.

This thread about the waste board kit contents might be of some use

I am in Canada also an opted out of ordering the wasteboard kit. Previously I had asked about what materials I would need to make my own as I was worried about possible missing support brackets. I got this list in a reply from Zach_Kaplan so just ordered a bunch of extra bags.

a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-019
b. 14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part#25281-029
c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15


Ya I sent an email previous to ordering sans wasteboard to ensure the 1000mm X-Carve still came with all the neccessary support extrusions and this is the response I received:

All of the extrusions you will need, including those support members will be in the X-Carve 1000mm Extrusion Kit. The items you would be missing from the X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board Kit would be the waste board, threaded inserts, and the hardware to secure the waste board to the rest of the machine (pre-assembly insertion nuts and M5 X 20mm button head cap screws).

…there should be three pieces of extrusion underneath the waste board in the y-axis direction; two of them to the side and one down the middle.

So after I got that I just ordered some pre-assembly nuts and button head screws and I should be good to go! I opted out of threaded inserts since I’m not sure how I plan on securing my stock.

I plan on using 1/4 -20 inserts sincce I have about a gazillion 1/4-20 bolts and thy are also readily available in my area. I didnt know about the threaded inserts and button screws when I ordered a week and a half ago (sans wasteboard)

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Oh, sorry, that thread wasn’t the conversation I was looking for actually. I feel like somewhere they posted what amounted to an “add your own MDF” wasteboard kit. I guess Hugh’s list looks like what I’m remembering.

Yep, I went with some 1/4-20 inserts as well, since those are infinitely easier to get around here than metric!

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when i ordered my xcarve the 1000m extrusion kit did not include the support extrusions. i had to order them separately along with the insertion nuts cap screws etc. will be interesting to see what i end up getting when it gets here

Not sure about where in the great white north you are, but have you checked brofasco or fastenal?

these hardware supply stores are found around industrial areas, they usually have public shops with every imaginable fastner. i feel like they would have something to replace a insertion nut.

I think the coman phrase up there is if you can’t find it at Canadian Tire, you don’t need it. :wink:

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Thank you for the advice. I tried the places you mentioned but none had M5 in stock. I was able to make do with some machine screws and everything is carving away. I posted this as a heads up for others who did not want to pay shipping for that heavy MDF.

Can’t say anything about Canada but I’m in California and even for us the shipping on the wasteboard was stupidly expensive so I opted not to get it. When I first ordered the Xcarve I went on Amazon and ordered a large set of variable size socket head screws. They have been a life saver as my kit was missing two dozen screws in various sizes. (It should be noted that when I informed Inventables they offered to send me the missing parts and in fact they did send me some via next day.)

Then I ordered the threaded inserts, again on Amazon, for very cheap. My plan is to use the x-carve to cut out the guide holes for the inserts. I’ll use the socket head bolts from my other set and I’m going to 3d print the hold down tabs.

@JeffKing when you say you were missing “two dozen screws in various sizes” was that a figure of speech or did you literally mean you were missing 24 different screws?

We have a 3 step quality check including shadow cards to verify box contents before they are packed. If you were really missing 24 screws we need to do a major root cause analysis on your order to figure out what happened.

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Using M5 20 mm screws with a 18 mm MDF is quite a challenge due the tolerance required for the holes. I think I will have to cut off 2 mm of each screw :frowning: maybe is because I was unable to find button head screws and I got hex head ones…

I think I received 1 extra washer :stuck_out_tongue: