Warping problem

Looking for some advise.
Here is the problem.
Every time I carve a plaque, the wood warps as soon as I release the clamps from the machine bed.
I currently have a 3D plaque that I made that warped.
I set it up between two supports and put a 50lb. Weight on it for a couple of days.
It does in fact flatten back out, but after a few more days, it is warped again.
While I realize that when you cut something, you are also releasing stresses.
What do others on here do to either prevent it or straighten the project back out after carving?
Here is an example of one that I just cut yesterday.

Red oak is good for that. I have had that happen and reclamped it down and took a damp sponge and went over it. I kept it clamped for a few days and watched it and redampened it a few times a day. I left it here for a week and it was still flat and shipped it. Not sure if it is still flat but it was when it left here.

You may want to consider a glued up panel where the grain is reversed in the pieces. That helps keep wider panels flat.


That will help for sure! It’s the way we do most of the hardwood panels we do.