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hi everyone

i have been thinking for the past few weeks about purchasing an x-carve, i live in the uk so have priced it all up to about $2000 with shipping. i was wandering how the warranty works from abroad, as shipping to the uk will cost me around $550 i want to make sure i would still be covered if anything goes wrong with the machine.

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If it helps Adam, I had a problem with my spindle and Inventables sent a new one, no quibbles, from the States.

I actually bought my machine from RoboSavvy here in the UK. That might suit you better: http://robosavvy.com/store/cnc.html



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I can’t speak for the company, but I will tell you that I have experienced and heard nothing but glowing reviews of customer service. They have the best customer service of a company that I have ever seen, and will next-day replacement or missing parts.

That probably won’t apply if you purposely try to destroy it, but they realize accidents happen and seem to be extremely flexible.

In addition, the group of people in the forum here have been extremely helpful. You can post any question you want, and people will bend over backwards to answer. Everyone started new, and many of us still are new. :smile:

Hope this helps!

Inventables has great customer service, but don’t call them a “Broad”. :smile:

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I live in Australia and bought my 1000mm machine direct from Inventables. When I had a problem with the original spindle, they very quickly helped me out.
Because I lived so far away, and because there was a tiny chance that the replacement spindle could also be faulty, Inventables chose to send me 2 replacement spindles. Free of charge.
You may have reservations about buying a machine, rest assured however that Inventables are more than happy to assist and support customers, wherever they are in the world.

Western Australia.

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