Was A Vital Component Delayed

I just got a notification today that one of my packages was delayed until Monday, which is unfortunate because my dad took off work today to recieve the packages and build it and I would hate to be missing a vital component until Monday. I got a 1000mm fully loaded with a Dewalt 611 and every upgraded option except software. I also got the calipers, tool kit, material set, and clamps. The delayed package is 38lbs.

According to UPS, the other 2 packages are still arriving today.

Dang, that is unfortunate.

Well you can get most of it built. Dang UPS

Your “Items from your Inventables order have shipped” email should say which items are in which shipment. You could compare the tracking numbers from that email to what UPS is telling you.

If it is the spoilboard, I bet you’re not ready for it till Monday at the soonest. Follow the recommendations from the awesome forum here and take your time assembling. DO NOT get in a hurry. I think some have said it took them 8-10 hours over a course of a week. It took me about 1 1/2 weeks but I was missing a few minor parts. Enjoy the process not just the final product.