Was all excited this arrived today then the wife called me a nerd :(

Wait until she sees how excited I get when the Super-PID arrives. :slight_smile:
Women just don’t understand.


Which spindle are you SuperPIDing?

My wife used to smile and nod when I would talk about my xcarve, then when she thought I couldnt see her, she would roll her eyes as she walked away.

I kinda feel the same way about her quilting.

The she saw what was coming off of the machine.
And the $$$ trickling in from some of the work I got using the xcarve.

She still smiles and nods as if she understands what I am gibbering about, the lights are on but no one is really home when it comes to the nerdiness of what we here like to exercise our grey matter with.


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Dewalt 611.

This is one hobby that pays off. Would she rather you watch sport and gusel beer.

Oh how is it used?

I’ll be using the G540 with Super-PID and Mach 3 instead of using the xcontroller and Easel.

i as thinking that mach 3 was sort of a tool that reads and executes gcode. and it needs another software to design the object. am i right?

You are correct. I bought Aspire to do the artwork and generate the gcode.