Waste Board After Assembly

A majority of my x carve components are arriving today with the exception of the waste-board and x-controller . My question is, can the x carve be assembled before the waste-board arrives or is the whole instrument essential built around the waste-board? i.e, disassembly would be required?

Thank you

You can work around the wasteboard, that’s what I’m doing. Start here;


Thanks you guys! I was able to get the most of the gantry & carriage set up. Now i’m to the step of connecting it to the waste-board/frame. Just a waiting game now.

At some point in the life of your x-carve, you will replace the waste board. Something to keep in mind.

Is there any way to strengthen the wasteboard? A coating or “wood hardener” to put over it but something that won’t impact the holes/screws? Just trying to extend the life of the wasteboard. Thanks!

Extending the life of it? …don’t carve into it – which is not really practical. It’s meant to be carved into.

Search for Plaining Wasteboard on the forums.