Waste board clamping

I came across an idea today while surfacing my waste board. I run a board on top of the X-Carve base. I got all my calibrations complete and the bit nice and vertical. Time to surface the waste board.

On the last pass I clipped a hold down. What a pain. The waste board is .75" thick. Plenty of space for horizontal slots about mid-thickness around the perimeter of the board. I was going to get my multi-tool for the job. Then I realized I could use my biscuit cutter to do the same thing very neatly. In a couple of minutes I had 8 slots cut around the perimeter of the board. If it works out that they’re not stable enough, I can insert some biscuits and use that as the clamping surface.

Someone was using Dowel center punches.
I was thinking of making some 3d printed teethed hold downs.