Waste Board File?

There are some waste board projects for the regular xcarve. Looking for one that is for the 4x4 xcarve pro. This should be something that is readily available. The fact that it is not is mind boggling. Is xcarve really going to make us pay for new waste boards when they could easily be made?

I’ve looked at recreating a project based on a copy of the design, but there is machining on both sides, and they are outside the bounds of the work area, so it would require tiling a 4x4 sheet and ensuring it’s justified properly is not a simple task.

If you contact support they should send you a copy of the wasteboard design drawing, but you’d have to re-design it from scratch using those specs.

The waste board for the 4x4 comes in 4 pieces.

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Oops thats what i get from looking only at the file…
the drawing i was sent doesn’t have the 4 pieces but instead is as of its a single board and i dont have a pro in front if me to have noticed that discrepancy. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:
I totally see that now in the assembly guide

I guess ill be messaging for the drawing of the actual boards as shipped and see if i can draw it up and do all the toolpaths in easel.

The 4 pieces are identical. I find it strange that they are not available. I’d like to make them out of ply as the MDF just doesn’t hold up to tape or screws

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