Waste board for 500mm machine does not match instructions (too small)

Step 13, 500mm Work Area.

The instructions clearly show a waste board that is the same width as the x-carve. My waste board is nearly 2 inches narrower side to side.

This means I can not complete the step as follows

“When all of your insertion nuts and mounting screws are in square up the waste board with the corners of your X-Carve and tighten them down.”

So how far left/right should the board be so the measurements printed on it will be useable when using the machine?

Also, why is the waste board undersized? That extra 2 inches would make this much easier, and look a lot better. The waste board depicted in all the instructions (and videos) is clearly large enough to fit the machine exactly.

The previous step also mentions “Now you’ll put a threaded insert into each of the holes you just countersunk.” when it appears my waste board came pre-countersunk. I’m glad the extra work was done on the waste board to save me time, but wanted to make sure you update the instructions to prevent possible confusion.

Inventables has changed the machine design w/o updating the instructions in the past — the waste board being narrower would hearken back to the original SO2 design which worked fine.

Just center it, which was the advice I gave when I made the original SO2 instructions.

Hi @ChrisEllerby the waste board in the video is the SO2 waste board. We didn’t have the X-Carve one when we shot the video. It’s narrower to give more clearance on the sides. Centering it is the solution.

Thanks, centered it!

Are the images of the waste board on the website deceptive? Or is the waste board in the website images what ships with the x-carve? Thanks.

The one that ships with the machine has the exact same silk screen pattern and hole pattern. We removed the unused area on the y axis to give more clearance as the motor mount travels over it. The new one is an upgrade that allows more space for the same work area.