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Waste Board Kit Contents

Has anyone been able to access these files?

I get:
The file you requested has been deleted, cannot be found or you do not have access. when trying to access them

Hi @DevinPearson,

Try here and see if that helps:

GrabCAD Source Files

Perfect thanks for the link.

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I ordered the 1000x1000 X-carve without wasteboard, but added the following items to my order:
M5 threaded inserts (two of the 100-packs), T-slot nuts (two of the 10-packs), and button head caps (two of the 10-packs).
My question is, will the entire order ship out at the same time, or can I possibly expect the wasteboard parts to ship first? I already made the wasteboard, just needing the inserts to get a little further along in the build process. Sorry is this has been asked previously…I’ve been scanning the forum for the past 3 months and don’t recall seeing this question posed.

mine came at the same time

@Tarry_Brindle I ordered the 1000x1000 without the wasteboard and all the parts where shipped at relatively the same time

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@Tarry_Brindle I just looked up your order and you have 3 boxes. 2 shipped and the M5 threaded inserts (two of the 100-packs), T-slot nuts (two of the 10-packs), and button head caps (two of the 10-packs) did not ship yet.

I assume it will ship this week but I need to verify with the warehouse manager.

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Thanks Zach, I really appreciate the update!

@Tarry_Brindle your other package will ship today.

Awesome, thanks again Zach!

I still can’t get over the fact that a CEO of a company (big or small) is willing to update a forum with status of a single item shipping in a single order and not just push it off to someone in the shipping department.

Well done @Zach_Kaplan and well done Inventables.


@Zach_Kaplan and the rest of the inventables teams input in the forums was what made my decision to go with an x-carve over other cnc’s so much easier.

The support and assistance has been world class.

Any chance of selling inventables or “made with my x-carve” stickers in the future?

Guess I might have to blow the dust off of my die cutter. Been a while since I’ve cut some stickers…

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I’m with JK on this… It would be helpful if instead of all of the disparate topics relating to this, Inventables posted up a sticky thread on the forum with info on how to make your own waste board, all of the graphics and files needed, and a complete list of extras you will need to connect your home made waste board to your X Carve (as well as a kit of all of these parts in the ‘Configure your X Carve’ section).

The shipping cost to Australia makes buying a pre-made waste board in no way affordable, so Inventables support in creating your own is absolutely necessary.

Does not exist on the ordering page, my choices are


which do i need for the 1000mm waste board?

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My wasteboard holding solution was really simple - just put a couple screws through the board and into my bench… I figured I’d want to shave it down anyway.

I’m also constructing my waste board. Everyone, could these be used as an alternative to the pre-assembly nuts?
Crown Bolts / Speed Nuts

@TheoRetos I don’t think so. It doesn’t look like there are any threads for the screw to screw into.

They would work, once.

then they would be pretty much worthless. Whats more, there is no way to retain them in the waste board

This is what i used, mine are 1/4-20.
I did put a counter sink in the back to recess the flat part into the back of the waste board. I also drilled the holes for the body of the nut to be snug to help with retention.

When I installed them, I used a bolt and washer with a socket on my cordless drill and pulled them into place from the top side of the waste board.

I’m happy with the result…