Waste board kit is on backorder. Can I start building it?

When I placed my order it shipped right away but the email wasn’t clear it was missing the 1000x1000 waste board. I’m not going to have it for a month which is a drag. I have someone lined up to help me with the build tomorrow. Can I start the build without the waste board or is it essential for it to be there?


Start without.

Worst case 3/4" mdf from a big box store will make a great substitute

if you can not wait a month then just make your own.

you will need a spare eventually any way so why not get one now and when your nice new one arrives put it away.

there are the specs for it online at https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gcl5zpCuwqCXWLvYktLQBc-2IHvossNo37ycTOkzg6gREW#/space/gcojYwyy_VqboQQ-9hKBJrjS3zGaGuue8sfnqRNxGI9WQS/link/597315

that was for the 1000X1000 machine but you can get the specs for the others same way

I use 3/4" MDF to replace mine and it’s perfect.

I never ordered the waste board in the first place and opted to make my own.

When I assembled my machine, I did so and intentionally left the waste board out s that I could take measurements. When I went to put the waste board in, I simply had to disassemble one of the y axis end plates as I recall to get the board into the frame. This is no longer an issue for me as I have made changes that allow me to change it out without any disassembly at all.

So go ahead and build,and like someone else has said, make your own waste board and put the backordered one away for a spare.

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I made my own from MDF I bought at Lowes. Honestly, I think it you ditched the inventables one and find a way to incorporate t-track you’ll be happier in the long run. I basically made a copy of the inventables based on the engineering diagram. It took some time and patience, but wasn’t hard.

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