Waste board material

Good afternoon, just looking into the xcarve

What is the waste board actually made out of? it looks like MDF in the photo? Is this the case?

Thats Correct. It’s 3/4 MDF.

So, does it come pre-drilled with the threaded inserts? Or is that part of the assembly?

It’s all pre-drilled, but you will have to install the inserts (which are included in the wasteboard kit).

sounds easy. How’s the learning curve? Are you just feeding a geometric drawing into a post processor and generating tool paths that way?

The X-Carve comes with a browser based program called Easel that allows you to create designs or import images and then to create toolpaths for the geometry you created. Easel will then create a set of gcodes to implement the toolpath. That gocde is then sent from Easel to the X-Carve’s controller via a USB connection.


You can use third party CAD/CAM software to create your designs (CAD) and then to generate the toolpath Gcode (CAM). The various CAM software tools utilize post processors to generate gcode for specific controllers. For the X-Carve you would use a post processor for the Grbl controller,

Popular third party CAD/CAM software used on the X-Carve includes

Fusion 360
Inkscape (CAD)

Some are free (MakerCam) and some are expensive (Aspire)

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