Waste Board Planing - Incorrect home position?

I just set up my X Carve Pro and I’ve had problems with the machine freezing in mid carve.
When I originally set the bit just barely over the waste board the entire planing bit was over the waste board. 28% into the carve and the machine froze. When I went to my computer the screensaver was on and my MacBook Pro wasn’t plugged in to power. I believe this is why the machine froze.

I plugged my computer into power and disabled the screen saver. I ran the planing carve without actually routing the waste board to make sure this solved the problem. It worked.

So I’m at the step to adjust the bit just over the waste board and the planing bit is now hanging over the waste board and is further to the left of the original start position…

Any clues?

Sounds like the machine lost some steps. You can check that it returned to where it thinks work zero is by going to machine inspector and checking the coordinates.

You can also jog to the far right and see if it hits a physical stop b4 it errors out from the limits like it should… but since soft limits are turned off by default, it can high the right side if your project is too large…

Was this an easel project?
If so can you share the project link…

Also, can you share the grbl settings?
Go to machine>,general settings>machine inspector and scroll to the bottom.

As I mentioned in the beginning I would turn on soft limits by sending $20=1 then you’ll get an error that your trying to carve larger than your work area allows instead of crashing into the side and loosing steps…

Thank you Seth for your quick response.

I spoke to Inventables technical support and found that I had 12 machines in my easel profile causing issues. I had 12 machines because I kept going thru the setup for the X Carve Pro to get to the planning project. The bit is suppose to hang half way over because of the tiling feature.

Problem solved and off to carving I go.

Thanks again.

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