Waste board rails for mounting

I’m confused…does the xcarve rail kit not come with the rails to mount the waste board. I was under the impression that the waste board was just that, the waste board and the threaded inserts and mounting hardware…not the rails that it attaches to

The rail kit has the rails and support extrusions that brace the waste board underneath. The Waste Board module only has the waste board, threaded inserts, and screws to hold it down. We did this in case you decide to make your own waste board then you will still have the support extrusions.

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Thanks Zach…I was making sure the support rails came with it before I went and bought it from mcmaster…thanks

Hey zack…am I correct to cut my own waste board to 998x940mm outer dimensions?

We also sell the support extrusions separately if you want to add additional support.

Here is a direct link to the engineering drawing for the waste board. GrabCAD might make you login but the account is free.

Hi @MichaelSchafer I am so sorry. This was indeed confusing. I just edited that thread from March 3rd. Originally it was in the waste board kit but we changed it to the rail kit to support people that wanted to make their own.

I’d appreciate it if you deleted your post above so other people don’t get confused.

Does that make sense?

Original post deleted. So does this mean that the parts I ordered are extraneous? It’s OK, as I’m sure I’ll find a good use for them, and I’ve seen people saying that the extra support extrusions are a good idea…

I wouldn’t say they are extraneous but you get one in the rail kit. It is really a trade off of cost and precision. The more you spend on supports the more precise and flat the waste board will be over time. The MDF can settle over time creating variations across the board this is mitigated with extra supports.

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It’s all good. My plan, once I get everything working 100%, is to extend the Y-axis out to 1500mm, so I’m sure it’ll all get used up along the way…

what is the length of those rails…i will go ahead and buy some for additional support @Zach_Kaplan

It comes with the 5 total extrusions. 4 are used on the perimeter and one for underneath the middle. You can add as many as you want.

what is the length of those rails…i will go ahead and buy some for additional support @Zach_Kaplan

3 of them are 20mm x 20mm x 958 mm

2 of them are 20mm x 20mm x 1000mm

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thanks, @Zach_Kaplan

This link seems to lead to a deleted file.

@Rusty both links worked for me just now. Are you logged in to GrabCAD?

Yup. logged in. I just get this screen:

Hmmm. Does this link to the 1000mm waste board work for you?

Nope, same thing. I’ve gotten to the waste board drawing before, not sure what is going on here today.