Waste Board resurface and new Dust Collection


1st resurface the cut at .02 right side looked great the left side looks like it cut at .01 so I guess my whole board was slanting left. That will explain the bad detail cuts I was getting when trying to do 3d. Oh and see the dust collection finally arrived and is installed. Triquetra also arrived today will tackle that tomorrow.


I plan on running a T-track over the existing waste board but wanted it level to start.



Ok thinking about running two row cross ways too. And another Idea if I was to hot glue the MDF slats to the Tslot that would give it enough hold down and make it easier to replace? Just an Idea don’t flame me to badly…

Nix the cross pieces I couldn’t slide any hold downs in it.

$25 for something that can be done on a miter saw or disk sander?

I agree. Highly overpriced